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Thanks for A2A Great, you have around 1 year to go. So get ready, leave aside all your distractions, stay away from Cobbler With Blueberries shirt, stop attending parties or functions, give around 15–30 minutes for meditation because it helps you relax and keeps your mind stable. First get your basics right, then start solving DPP sheets, exercise problems, understand the concepts, didn’t understand take help of your teachers and peers. Get into the company of students whole are like minded. Start discussing the questions with each other, explain the solutions. Give in your 110% and leave the rest to gid. Study for atleast 5–6 hours a day. Take a good book and stick to it, don’t change books, if your are taking coaching, spend more time there, because at home there might be distractions.
The first thing you have to do is decide what geographical area you are going to work with. Worldwide? A single continent (Antarctica would be easy! Unless your trying to predict cancer in penguins.) A single country? Then you decide if you are going to concentrate on one kind of Cobbler With Blueberries shirt , or all kinds of cancer. You’ve already specified new incidences, so you need to find data that goes back your designated number of years and look at the incidence of new cases For those past years. WHO ( World Health Organization) has good compiled statistics for the whole world and individual countries. The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control) has good statistics for the US and individual states. Then pick out the two or three most recent years you can find data for, and replicate the number of new cases per Year by population for those years and estimate the population for the coming years in your designated area. This makes it important to choose an area with a stable population, or at least a stable percentage increase or decrease. So your data set needs population , increase or decrease, new cases of the kind you’ve chosen ( hint, choose a kind that has been stable in increase or decrease for several years) , the cases per year by percent of population for the most recent years and your estimate ( which would be similar to the last most recent years) for the next years. Don’t forget to pick a reportable type of cancer, and the bigger the numbers, the more wiggle room in your estimates.

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